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Why You should choose Puffkowo

Puffkowo is a small, quiet hotel for cats, run by a family of cat lovers. Read to your cat why you should choose us!


On a ground floor, facing towards the garden, we have built spacious kennels made of natural materials, designed to meet all the cat's needs. They are high so that the cat can jump, and hide on the high shelves or observe the sorroundings. Vertical elements are wrapped with natural ropes. There is a soft bedding (of course, Mr. Cat can also have his own). At height, the Cat can feel safe. More brave and courious cats can play in the common space, using many shelves, trees, ladders, toys, scratching posts, a window lined with soft pillows overlooking the garden and patio. The hotel overlooks the garden where a safe cat patio is built. Cat Guests can spend as much time as they want there (if weather permits).


Cats do not like changes, so we recommend that you bring your own food. If necessary, we serve meals. We stick to the latest dietary guidelines. We only serve full-meat wet food. If the Cat is used to a different diet, please provide details when booking your stay. Cats on special diets (kidney, liver, weight loss, etc.) are fed strictly according to the owner's guidelines.

Cats under medical treatment


We accept cat guests requiring special medical treatment. We administer the drugs according to the instructions provided and signed by the veterinarian. The rules and costs of administering drugs can be found in the PRICE LIST.


The conditions of stay and the calculated costs are sent by e-mail. After we receive the confirmation of the conditions and once the advance payment is made, the reservation is guaranteed. Before the arrival of the Cat Guest, please fill in the behaviour questionnaire. We sign a formal agreement, were you entrust us Your Cat and we commit to look after it. We charge the payment for the stay in advance.


More than one cat?

No problem! Some kennels are larger to accommodate Cat Siblings. The more the merrier! And we give discounts!

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