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Cat Hotel

In a green, quiet city suburbs, in private house, on the entire floor, there is a hotel for cats, designed and run by a certified cat behaviorist and dietitian. All solutions are thought out and based on the latest knowledge and research on cats, and their environmental and nutritional needs. We do not set up fancy furniture, but functional cat scratchers, trees, hidings, shelves and toys that are attractive for cat and allow them to channel their natural instincts. We provide care tailored individually to Your Cat, regardless of whether it is open, courageous or shy, distrustful, or with behavioral problems. We stay in touch with the owners.


Cat Behaviour Consultant

If you need support in cat-human or cat-cat or cat-dog relations, I will be happy to help. I offer feline behavioral therapy in the following cases:

- urinating outside the litter box,

- separation disorders,

- fears and phobias of various origins,

- aggression between animals at home,

- aggression towards household members,

- destruction of furniture and other stuff,

- problems with introducing another cat to the household.

Each problem is different and may require in-depth reaserch. Thet's why I ask for the phone conversation with the owners first. On-line consultations are possible.

I can also prepare you and your family for a new, purring family member.

I will find a solution to your problem thanks to many years of experience, education (COAPE), training, and above all, thanks to practice and daily contact with the cats I look after (and every one of them is a great personality).


Diet Consultations

"I am what I eat" applies not only to humans. Pets also suffer from bad eating habits. The difference is that we, humans, decide for ourselves. Our animals don't have that power, they completely relay on us.

Are you making good dietary choices for your furry companion? Is your cat troubled by one of the more common civilization diseases - obesity, diabetes, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, kidney failures, pancreas failures, intestines infalmmations? Not only vet and drugs, but also a proper diet can effectively support your cat. As part of dietary advice:

- I will check the balance of the current diet

- I will calculate the caloric requirements according to the age, weight and health of the cat (test results are required)

- I will help you choose food with the right composition

- I will advise you on how to change the diet in the case of resistant purr


Each case is different - we need to contact by phone first.

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