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The Cat Guest must be:

- healthy upon arrival,

- spayed/neutered,

- have up-to-date (i.e. renewed at recommended intervals) vaccinations against infectious diseases (panleucopenia and herpes and kalici viruses).

- dewormed 3 weeks before arrival at the hotel (it is not necessary if the cat has up-to-date stool tests for parasites).

- protected against fleas and ticks (if outgoing).

- kept in-house for 3 days before arrival without any contact with stranger cats, and other domestic and wild animals.

ATTENTION! We invite cats suffering from chronic (non-infectious) diseases, such as diabetes, thyroid problems and others, provided that you have consulted their vet and illness is under control.

By decision of the voivode in the whole of Warsaw and in the Mińsk Mazowiecki poviat it is obligatory to vaccinate all cats (including those not coming out from home) against rabies. Please consult your vet regarding details (cats that are going outside must be vaccinated). Due to the risk associated with immunity defciency, we do not host cats with positive results for FIV and FeLV.

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