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Cennik kociej służby:

Single Kennel

Double Kennel                                                                                    

60 zł/day

90 zł/day (3rd cat +10%)

High season (June, July, August, September, 22.12 - 06.01, winter break, winter holiday, spring break, bank holidays)

Low season

Single kennel                                                                          

Double kennel                                                    

50 zł/day

80 zł/day (3rd cat +10%)

Meals and litter from the hotel are counted individually at the end of teh stay. 


For returning customers (2nd stay)                                             

For regular customers (3rd and following stays)                          

-10 %

-20 %

The prices include:

- round-the-clock care and behavioral observation

- food serving following agreed schedule, fresh water (from a fountain, glasses, bowls)

- combing (upon request)

- regular cleaning

- playing in the open space, walking at the cat patio,

- regular reports about the Cat (through our FB Messenger).

The owner needs to bring cat’s own food and litter. Puffkowo can provide food and litter on request. The costs are then settled after the stay depending on the type and amount of cans and litter. We do not provide dry food

Other services:

Administering medications - 10 zł/ day

At the request of the owner, we can give the cat medicines (to the mouth, on the skin, with EPIpen), provided that we receive a copy of the signed vet's recommendations. Medicines and supplements served in food are not extra paid, but we do not guarantee that the cat would take the right dosage. 

Clipping nails - 10 zł

Ear cleaning - 10 zł

Canva - Orange Tabby Cat on Brown Textil
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